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Earlier this year, I mocked the Teabaggers' Constitution-reading stunts; now they're about to take over the House and have announced plans to read the Constitution aloud. FDL's Blue Texan calls the new Teabagger stunt "meaningless political theater," and provides a nice running commentary with many Constitutional sections that they will likely find objectionable. Similarly, Scarecrow writes that this Teabagger stunt "will be a delicate undertaking:"

...requiring the utmost care in selective reading and limited understanding, followed up by required reeducation seminars conducted by Cardinal Scalia. Any stray logic, misplaced feelings of empathy, or, God forbid, commitment to the public welfare constitute a threat to the enterprise. Nor will the new Taliban tolerate any inadvertent dwelling on something as clear as the First Amendment, emphatic as the Fourth or morally compelling as the 5th and 14th Amendments.

update (12/31):
Robert Parry's piece The Coming War over the Constitution makes a number of additional points. Here's a taste:

The same right-wingers who happily accepted George W. Bush's shift toward a police state - his claims of limitless executive power, warrantless wiretaps, repudiation of habeas corpus, redefining cruel and unusual punishment, suppression of dissent, creation of massive databases on citizens, arbitrary no-fly lists, and endless overseas wars - have now reinvented themselves as brave protectors of American liberty.

Despite the obvious contradiction, he notes that the Teabaggers "are not likely to pay any price for their reckless ideas or their blatant hypocrisy:"

If we've learned anything over the past several decades, it is that reason and consistency have little place in the U.S. political/media system. What counts is the size of the megaphone - and the American Right has built a truly impressive one, while the Left has largely downplayed the need for making an alternate case to the public. [...] So, it seems the country is in for a new round of crazy while the voices for sanity stay largely mute.

Slacktivist's Fred Clark suspects that the Teabaggers will have difficulty reading our godless Constitution without perverting it to their theocratic ends:

I'm a big fan of the Constitution and I'm all for reading it -- publicly or privately, silently or aloud. If almost anyone else were proposing this stunt, I'd say it couldn't hurt. But I pay attention, and after years of seeing this lot disrespecting national symbols and institutions by reducing them to tribalist slogans and playground taunts I don't relish the idea of these idiots doing the same to the Constitution. I don't want to see it distorted and disrespected the way the John Birchers of the tea party movement treat the American flag, the national anthem, the names and memories of the founders and every other symbol they can usurp for use as a culture-war weapon while failing utterly to comprehend its meaning.

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