no labels, or no lies?

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The No Labels political movement (h/t: Luisita Lopez Torregrosa at Politics Daily) due to launch tomorrow is based on a simple premise:
More than a thousand Democrats, Republicans and independents are expected to converge on New York City on Monday to launch a national political organization to bring together Americans and put an end to damaging partisanship and divisive labels.
Aptly, it's called "No Labels. Not Left. Not Right. Forward." Here's their logo: 20101212-nolabels.jpg
No Labels' Statement of Purpose ends with this:
The times are challenging and they call for national renewal. We don't need labels; we need leaders, everywhere, throughout society, who will discuss issues based upon their merits.
Their non-partisan name and logo need an adjustment to correct the implied equivalence between Democratic and Republican partisanship. Specifically, it should address the largely one-sided war on facts being waged (and won) by the Right:
Now that would be a good way to move forward.

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