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National Review published a one-paragraph bullshit piece about the blizzard, calling it "definitely a force for conservatism, and not only because it has had the global-warming crowd scrambling for explanations:"

The blizzard reveals something basic: Liberals in government want to tell us what to eat, counsel us about how and when to die, and in general attempt to engineer our lives. But when reality knocks, they can't do the basic stuff such as clearing the streets so that newborns don't die in bloody apartment-building lobbies. Mayor Bloomberg may be receiving an unfair amount of criticism for his lackluster performance in coping with Mother Nature, given the almost unprecedented nature of the storm, but the unplowed city streets provide a metaphor for the nanny state: It can order us to do anything, but it can't take care of the basic obligations of government.

This idiocy drew a small response from Conor Friedersdorf (subbing for Andrew Sullivan), who remarked "I'm going to start highlighting the most absurd efforts to use for partisan or ideological gain news events that don't have anything to do with either." Amanda Marcotte really went to town on it with a great point-by-point refudiation, and her conclusion is especially delightful:

I hear all the time from conservatives about how evil it is that there are government workers out there drawing paychecks to do things like rebuild roads. And the first time that we start to get an inkling of libertarian paradise, where no one is there to plow your street because god forbid we tax people to pay for it, all of a sudden it's time to blame the liberals. And it'll work, because deliberate dumbassery is the order of the day for conservatives.

To top it off, Dave Johnson notes the conservative counter-narrative (manufactured by their mass-media noise machine) that the city's union workers caused the problem with a deliberate work slowdown:

The story claims the unions did this to protest budget cuts. Of course the obvious cause of the snow mess was that budget cuts caused the problem because there were not enough people employed to clear the snow.

Crooks and Liars' Susie Madrak follows up with the point that this is what our 'new austerity' will look like:

It's bad enough that NYC has laid off 500 sanitation workers in the last two years (you know, instead of taxing Wall Street) or that there were plows sitting idle because they didn't have enough people to drive them, or that people died because the EMTs couldn't get down their streets.

But that the mayor didn't even bother to call a snow emergency? That's plain crazy. [...] Not to mention, NYC residents couldn't go back to work. Manhattan was cleared, but people couldn't get in to work from the outer boroughs. Wonder how much taxable revenue was lost this week?

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