another Sunday, another sacrilegious post

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In a funeral for folly, PZ Myers decries "efforts by authorities to confer special secular and legal privilege on the intangible aura of sacredness -- a figment of the imagination of deluded believers, which they insist all we non-believers must honor:"

I refuse.

The insistence by the faithful that we all must treat their precioussses as magical and inviolable has convinced me to re-evaluate the books on my shelves, and I've decided that no, they aren't worth keeping. These holy books have been influential, that's for sure, but it's been a pernicious kind of importance... [...] ...these horrors belong in libraries and museums, they should be taught as vile mistakes in our schools, but we should not be expected to honor them. The proper perspective is to repudiate them. [...]

I don't want them. I don't need them. I must reject them.

And so I have...

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