Republican recycling

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Crooks and Liars points out one area in which the GOP is a strong proponent of recycling--their economic rhetoric:

With Democrats proposing to set the top two income tax rates at 36% and 39.6% respectively, Republican leaders waged a ferocious battle on behalf of the wealthiest American taxpayers. Former House Majority Leader and current Tea Party moneyman Dick Armey warned, "This program will not give you deficit reduction." Ohio's John Kasich cautioned, "It's our bet that this is a job killer." And for his part, 2012 White House hopeful Newt Gingrich promised, "This is the Democrat machine's recession, and each one of them will be held personally accountable."

As it turns out, the year was 1993, not 2010. At issue was President Bill Clinton's $496 billion program of stimulus and upper income tax increases. And what Republicans then decried as disaster ushered in the longest economic expansion in modern American history, a period which produced 23 million new jobs and a balanced budget.

Like a malfunctioning cuckoo clock that squawks "Tax cuts! Tax cuts!" in both good times and bad, the GOP is recycling their old inaccurate rhetoric. They were wrong then, they're wrong now, and we shouldn't let them forget it.

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