Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Steve McNiven: Marvel Knights Fantastic Four, Vol. 1

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Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto & Steve McNiven. Marvel Knights Fantastic Four, Vol. 1: Wolf at the Door (New York: Marvel, 2004)

This volume collects the first seven issues of the 2004 Fantastic Four series, published under the Marvel Knights imprint. The superheroes-with-real-life-problems angle has been used by the medium's greatest creators since the dawn of the Marvel Age in the early 1960s, but the creative team on Marvel Knights Fantastic Four shows that this formula still has a pulse.

After nearly fifty years, the FF's intra-team dynamics are still rooted in a sense of family--one that is well-written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and superbly illustrated by artist Steve McNiven (website, Wikipedia). For one example, see this very nice single page at Scans-Daily. For more of a taste, check out this page


and then read the rest of this great sequence. If that intrigues you, the rest of MK4 delivers more of the same. Dave Wallace's review at Comics Bulletin notes that:

The book captures the essence of the characters well, with the usual tics in evidence (Reed's preoccupation with science at the expense of his family life; Sue's maternal, protective instincts; Ben's salt-of-the-earth, heroic outlook; Johnny's hot-headed immaturity) without ever feeling like it's all been seen before.

If you look back fondly to the magical time when Fantastic Four lived up to its tagline of "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine," pick up a copy of MK4 and relive some of that magic.

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