Leviticus and lynching

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Despite its name, the National Organization for Marriage is an anti-marriage group; their only seemingly purpose is to prevent lesbian and gay couples from getting married--or to deny legal recognition to existing same-sex marriages. [I mentioned NOM a few times last year: here, here, and here.]
Andrew Sullivan posted this disgusting anti-marriage placard from a NOM rally:


ThinkProgress interviewed Larry Adams, the NOM supporter whose sign is shown above. AlterNet's steved notes "How often have we heard that extreme right wing Christian groups love gay people. It's only the 'sin' of gay sex that they hate," and observes that "at least some NOM supporters don't love gay people so much as they would like to implement a 'final solution' to the gay problem based on their version of 'Biblical Law.'"

NOM's current logo looks like this,


which someone combined with the Leviticus-lynching image (h/t: Towleroad) to reflect its Biblical principle:


This just goes to show that atheist/liberal/LGBT opponents don't need to exaggerate religious beliefs--they are quite repulsive enough on their own.

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