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As soon as I saw the announcement for Glenn Beck University, I thought to myself: "Someone really needs to parody the hell out of this." Thankfully, someone has. Here are some of the Beck U courses from a Mother Jones article, along with readers' suggestions:

Great Military Heroes: John Wayne
Intro to Theology: Ayn Rand
Advanced Marketing Seminar: Rare Gold Coins
Psych 301: Paranoia as Therapeutic Alternative
Studies in Moral Courage: Joe McCarthy
Semiotics 101: Decoding Hidden Socialist Messages in Everyday Objects
Art (Revisionist) History 504: Identifying Communist Architecture
Elective Science - Quantum Functionality and Practical Theory of Magic Underwear

This trio of courses is my favorite:

Milit 504: WAR IS PEACE

Will Bunch discusses the buffalo's presence on the Beck U seal, writing that "Of course, when there's a buffalo, you always have to clean up behind it. And that messy task, my friends. is what the rest of us will have to do after Beck's bogus Christianist and gold-coin-crazed fictional rewrite of American history becomes ingrained in his legion of followers."

Paul Waldman writes that "It's actually pretty clever of Beck to market what's essentially a bunch of podcasts from sympathetic conservatives as a 'university:'"

Not only does it make it seem more substantial than it is, it also plays right into his fans' suspicion (regularly stoked by Beck, of course) that like journalism, the academy is a boiling cauldron of liberal indoctrination. You've got to give Beck credit -- few talk show hosts have come up with more creative ways to part their fans from those fans' money.

Steve Benen opines: "What's interesting to me about this is not just the silly notion of relying Beck for an education -- though that's part of it -- but also the fact that this self-described rodeo clown is just a remarkable merchandiser:"

Remember, between May 2009 to August 2010, Glenn Beck will have published four print books, a photo book, and two audio books. That doesn't include his tours and live shows, nor his paid online site.

This from a deranged media personality who reportedly takes in about $18 million a year. Does he really need to exploit his followers so shamelessly?

Sheep need a shepherd...

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