a Palin biography for kids

BlueGal mentioned that Palin's bio for kids is now on indefinite hold, and there's a Photoshop contest using the Little Golden Books as inspiration. Someone suggested "The Little Engine That Quit," so I took a crack at it:


There's a gallery of "Little Golden Books" here if anyone is looking for more raw material.

Slate's Ruth Graham has more information on the book (h/t: Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors) and discusses several possibilities for its troubles before suggesting that "perhaps the book's postponement can be seen as a fitting reflection of Palin:"

Speaking Up has a glossy cover and bewildering content, its plans changed suddenly without explanation, and no one should be surprised if it resurfaces sometime before 2012.


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I agree - very well done and, oh, so true...

Excellent work!

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