Mohammed mosaic

Today is "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day," and Friendly Atheist has a great mosaic of Mohammad drawings. Many of the submissions referenced Mohammad's nine-year-old wife Aisha, of which this one is my favorite:


That simultaneous grilling of two sacred cows is much more aggressive than my piece:


(Apologies to both René Magritte and Kurt Westergaard)

For any Muslims out there who are offended, FA asks, "You know what is offensive?"

Killing or attacking people because they draw a picture.

Censoring people who are exercising their right to free speech -- as if free speech is allowed only when it doesn't upset your personal sensibilities. [...]

If moderate Muslims truly believe in free speech, they ought to be supporting the people who are drawing these images, even if they don't necessarily like them. I welcome their criticism of my atheism, because my convictions are strong enough that a drawing or a book isn't going to turn me into a loose cannon. I believe god doesn't exist and my logic, reason, and evidence are stronger than anything you can throw at me.

I stand by all those who dare draw Muhammad today.

Greta Christina has a simple stick-figure drawing of Big Mo along with some words of wisdom:

I'm drawing Mohammad to send a message to Muslim extremists -- and other religious extremists -- that their terror tactics will not work.

I'm drawing Mohammad to reject out of hand the attempt to make criticism of Islam -- or of any other religion, for that matter -- off-limits, simply out of fear of violence.

I'm drawing Mohammad because many people feel comfortable critiquing, or poking fun of, or indeed commenting on, any other religion... but avoid doing any of this with Islam, for fear of violent retribution. And I refuse to allow myself to be extorted in that way.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, I'm drawing Mohammad to spread the target around... so there are so many people drawing Mohammad, the terrorists can't possibly go after all of us.


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Ha! Love that first true...

I wanted to try my own hand at it, but I'm not very creative in that department. I'll have to check out the other entries.

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