that's one pissed-off urologist!

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Has everyone heard about Dr Jack Cassell, that Florida urologist who announced his preference for a Republican-only clientele?


Well, this interview with Alan Colmes (h/t: Chris in Paris at AmericaBlog) shows that Dr Cassell is even dumber than his sign indicated. Colmes corrects Cassell's misinformation about Medicare reimbursements, and then Cassell exclaims "Well you know, I can't tell you exactly what the deal is:"

Colmes: If you can't tell us exactly what the deal is, why are you opposing it and fighting against it?
Cassell: I'm not the guy who wrote the plan.
Colmes: But if you don't know what the deal is why are you speaking out against something you don't know what the deal is?
Cassell: What I get online, just like any other American. What I'm supposed to understand about the bill should be available to me.
Colmes: It is; it's been online for a long time; it's also been all over the media...

I know that medical competence isn't dependent on political awareness, but I wouldn't trust my care to anyone who takes such a public and vehement stand against something that he admits he doesn't understand. The problem isn't even simple misinformation, it's something far more virulent: an aggressive propaganda campaign. Faux News, talk radio, and wingnut websites have apparently rendered their audiences incapable of tuning out long enough to learn what's actually in the legislation.

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