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I apologize for not posting much of late, but I was rather busy planning the big festivities for yesterday's National Atheist Day: strange-god-worshipping, idolatry, blasphemy, parent-dishonoring, murder, adultery, theft, lying, and coveting. (I couldn't squeeze any Sabbath-breaking into my busy schedule, but there's only so much a godless amoral libertine like myself can do on a Thursday. If only I had a faith-based moral compass, I'm sure that all things would be possible--including moving that mountain!)

Anyway, here are some slightly-belated links to recent news items that caught my attention:

Westboro Baptist Church Issues "We Were Just Fooling!" Press Release

Tea Party Thanks President Obama for Tax Cuts

GOP Admits that Obama is " the greatest president ever" (That line about "low-emission unicorns powered by the renewable energy of rainbows" was pretty good...)

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