Chomsky on fascism and fear

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Chris Hedges talks to gadfly Noam Chomsky about our current political climate and writes that Chomsky "has never seen anything like this."

"It is very similar to late Weimar Germany...The parallels are striking." [...]

"If the polls are accurate it is not the Republicans but the right-wing Republicans, the crazed Republicans, who will sweep the next election. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. [...] The mood of the country is frightening. The level of anger, frustration and hatred of institutions is not organized in a constructive way. It is going off into self-destructive fantasies."

Chomsky's speech "Remembering Fascism: Learning from the Past" at TruthOut makes a similar observation:

The level of anger and fear in the country is like nothing I can recall in my lifetime. And since the Democrats are in power, the revulsion over the current social-economic-political world attaches to them. [...]

People rightly want answers and they are not getting them, except from voices that tell tales that have some internal coherence, but only if you suspend disbelief and enter into their world of irrationality and deceit. Ridiculing Tea Party shenanigans is a serious error, I think. It would be far more appropriate to understand what lies behind them and to ask ourselves why justly angry people are being mobilized by the extreme right...

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Yeah, the world is a little scary right now. Wish I had someone to blame it on, but the reality is that we are all in the same boat. We can only hope that the light of reason will shine into the darkest corners of the human brain really soon.

Prof. Chomsky is intellectually dishonest: it is well documented that Weimar Germany was totally occupied and corrupted by Zionists. There was no freedom of speech, no freedom of art. There was no need to "create" an enemy, it was present and robust. And today in equally occupied and corrupted America, Zionists, as they always do, put one group of people against another. They seduce Blacks with the promise of the "ultimate revenge" for the slavery, and they need illigals as another disruptive element in society. The planet would have been enjoying peace now, if not for Zionists, who apparently have no desires or volitions of second order (philosophers call such individuals Wantons). Prof. Chomsky, as a philosopher, among other things, knows this very well.

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