wingnut Waterloo

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Conservative analyst David Frum wondered "What the hell do we Republicans do now?" at CNN, but the piece called healthcare reform the GOP's Waterloo (mentioning "18 months of overheated rhetoric" from the "vitriolic talking heads on conservative talk radio and shock TV") and led to Frum's firing from his post at AEI.

Fellow sensible--and therefore shunned--conservative Bruce Bartlett commiserated and commented on the "closing of the conservative mind: Rigid conformity is being enforced, no dissent is allowed, and the conservative brain will slowly shrivel into dementia if it hasn't already." As Gene Lyons writes in "GOP Whine: Drink Deeply" at Salon, the GOP has "lost the most significant domestic political battle since the 1960s:"

So naturally the light of freedom has been extinguished, the U.S. Constitution voided, capitalism doomed and the nation fallen into a dark totalitarian nightmare.

The wingnuts, however, are too busy with vandalism and violence (see this map) to offer much more than " racial epithets and sexual insults." Republican John Boehner takes the oh-so-brave stand that "violence and threats are unacceptable:"

We need to take that anger and channel it into positive change. Call your congressman, go out and register people to vote, go volunteer on a political campaign, make your voice heard -- but let's do it the right way."

Over at DailyKos, BarbinMD calls out Boehner for his hypocrisy:

Let's review: the Republican party spent months spewing lies about the health care reform bill, with dire warnings about death panels, killing granny, rationed health care, and yes, even Armageddon. With their eye on handing President Obama his "Waterloo," the GOP, with an able assist from their media arm Fox News, whipped the lunatic fringe of their base into a frenzy ... and now that the fruits of their labor is paying off with civil rights-era icons being spit on and called "niggers," with pictures of nooses being sent to congressmen's offices, with acts of vandalism, and with death threats being made, John Boehner wants to do things "the right way."

Better the right way than the right-wing way...

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