Harris polls the wingnuts

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The latest Harris poll entitled "'Wingnuts' and President Obama" took a hard look at "the large numbers of Americans who hold extreme views of President Obama," and what they have found is not very flattering. To take just three of these "views" that are easily disprovable:

• He is a socialist (40%)
• He is a Muslim (32%)
• He was not born in the United States and so is not eligible to be president (25%)

GOP opinions are even more skewed toward unreality, with 67%, 57%, and 45% believing in these three statements. The study also notes a correlation with lower education, writing that "[t]he less education people have had the more likely they are to believe all of these statements. Consider these differences between those with no college education and those with post-graduate education:"

• He is a socialist (45% and 20%)
• He is a Muslim (43% and 9%)
• He was not born in the United States so is not eligible to be president (32% and 7%)

John (Wingnuts) Avlon wrote at Daily Beast that "Obama Derangement Syndrome--pathological hatred of the president posing as patriotism--has infected the Republican Party:"

This poll is the latest and most detailed evidence of the extent to which Wingnuts are hijacking our politics. It should be a wakeup call to all Americans and a collective reminder, as we move past health-care reform, that we need to stand up to extremism.

Blue Texan commented at FDL that it's "yet another poll that shows Republicans are out of their fucking minds."Evan Hurst at Truth Wins Out makes a larger point, writing that "it's useful to remember that the great majority of anti-gay, anti-woman, and anti-human sentiment comes from the Republican Party:"

We have to understand that the sorts of insane beliefs that motivate wingnuts like Tony Perkins, Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Maggie Gallagher, and a host of others, don't exist in a vacuum. Pull the thread of one of their idiot conspiracy theories, and a whole bag of black helicopter tinfoil hattery comes out. It doesn't matter which side you pull it from, either. Start with a birther, you'll probably end up with a deather. Start with an anti-gay demagogue and you'll probably end up with a misogynist pig who believes that Planned Parenthood is perpetuating a black genocide. The fact that not every wingnut is infected with every conspiracy theory doesn't change the central point. It simply exposes where their dominant fears are.

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