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Over at Forbes, Bruce Bartlett analyzes a study of Teabaggers (h/t: Steve Benen at Washington Monthly) and how they misunderstand their signature issue of taxation. (For example, they grossly overestimate federal taxes as a percentage of GDP, and believe that Obama's tax cuts have actually raised their tax rates over the past year.)

Bartlett's subtitle about the Teabaggers, "For an antitax group, they don't know much about taxes," could easily spawn several parallels: For a political group, they don't know much about political science; for a deficit-hating group, they don't know much about who ran up most of the debt; for a Christianist group, they don't know much about the social and economic justice messages of could be quite a long list. Bartlett continues:

It's hard to explain this divergence between perception and reality. Perhaps these people haven't calculated their tax returns for 2009 yet and simply don't know what they owe. Or perhaps they just assume that because a Democrat is president that taxes must have gone up, because that's what Republicans say that Democrats always do.

Fox-heavy Dumbfuckistan has quite a discrepancy between perception and reality, doesn't it? Blue Texan comments at FDL that "The Teabaggers are just regurgitating years of programming by Rush and Sean and the GOP. Pesky things like 'facts' and 'data' are the stuff of weak-kneed libruls." Back to Bartlett:

Whatever the future of the Tea Party movement in American politics, it's a bad idea for so many participants to operate on the basis of false notions about the burden of federal taxation.

After discarding fallacies for facts, Bartlett notes that "[p]eople may then discover that their anger is misplaced and channel it into areas where it is more likely to bring about positive change." They may even learn what socialism is. Or who's responsible for most of our debt. Or what the Bible says about the wealthy. Or whether death panels and illegal immigrants are in the health care could be an endless list.


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Loons of a feather flock together...

I just got some YouTube spam with this:

I'm sure someone is gonna be outraged that teabaggers and truthers are of a piece...

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