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At ThinkProgress, Matt Corley notes the claim made by G. Gordon Liddy's producer Franklin Raff that today's sparsely attended anti-healthcare rally (which DC police estimated at about 4,000) was "just as big or bigger" than the 9/12 Teabagger rally. Here's a photo of the crowd:


In the reality-based community, that's definitely in the low-to-mid thousands; claiming that it represents tens of thousands (the real Teabagger attendance) or a million people (the in-their-dreams Teabagger attendance) is laughable. Today's Quote of the Day comes from one of the ThinkProgress commenters, who snarked:

"It just seems like one million people because the tea-baggers are so incredibly dense."



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Yeah, losing 2 governors hurts...and losing marriage equality in Maine was a huge disappointment...but the GOP's numbers are still in the toilet. We'll have more perspective when next November rolls around, but the Democratic victory in NY-23 doesn't point toward a conservative resurgence.

Maybe it was just all the talk around this:, that got the GOP all excited?

DC has seen enormous crowds that would engulf the Teabagger rally, but the Park Service no longer provides estimates. USA Today has a nice overlay of the Mall with crowd numbers from the Inauguration; Death by Media put a great deal of work into estimating the 9/12 Teabagger rally at 124,000-132,000 people. (Given the strength and comprehensiveness of the analysis, I’m happy to revise the existing estimates upward--regardless of how much I disagree with the march participants.)

Inflating a crowd estimate by an order of magnitude is far worse than simple media hype—it varies between journalistic irresponsibility on one hand and politically motivated mendacity on the other. I don’t see anything resembling a right-wing resurgence—although some of them are loudly expressing their ignorance, fear, and hatred far out of proportion to their numbers.

You know, I've never been to D.C. Is there another photo with a representative crowd with an accurate count? And you know, they could always argue that the photo was taken before or after the big crowds got there.

What's disturbing is that I've been starting to hear and read more about the 'resurgence' of the right. Please say it's just media hype, please?

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