two Joe Wilsons, two different stories

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Juan Cole notes the differences between two Joe Wilsons: the Joe "You lie!" Wilson who shouts out (incorrect) accusations during a presidential speech, and the Joe "What I Didn't Find in Africa" Wilson who was viciously smeared by the previous administration for telling the truth about Iraq and Nigerian uranium.

Note that the first Joe Wilson was dead wrong, but that the Obama administration responded in a gentlemanly way to his charge.

The Bush-Cheney administration, in contrast, attempted to besmirch the reputation and the life of a dedicated lifetime civil servant because he spoke the truth to the president.

The story of the two Joe Wilsons and how they were treated is the story of two visions of America. The Bush-Cheney vision is a nightmarish landscape of blighted lives and cruel indifference to basic human decency. The Obama vision is just the Golden Rule, with which the people who vote for the evil Joe Wilson typically profess acquaintance.

The evil Joe Wilson (R-SC) is the remnant of Cheneyism in this new America, painfully being born from the rubble made by the old. He needn't remain in office, defiling the halls of the Congress of the United States of America. He has an opponent in the next election, Rob Miller, an Iraq War veteran. An honorable man. Here is his campaign site.

We only need the one kind of Joe Wilson, the one who shouts "truth" to lies; not the one who shouts "lies" to the truth.

Speaking of double standards, this Tom Tomorrow cartoon does a fantastic job of pointing them out...kudos!


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