Forrest Church, RIP

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Unitarian minister and prolific author Forrest Church (website, Wikipedia) has succumbed to cancer at the age of 61 (h/t: Jon Rowe). I've only read a handful of Church's many books, but I always appreciated them even when I disagreed with his religiosity. Here are some of Church's words about approaching the end of life:

We are all going to die. This is not an unmixed tragedy. If you could love forever, work and play forever, neither love, work, nor play would be nearly as charged with meaning as they are by the fact that each will end. (Lifecraft, p. 116)

I came up with an explanation for my ease of mind that, to whatever extent it may be true, has practical consequence for how we might prepare for a death sentence years before it may be issued. The key is unfinished business. How much of it do we have left when the boom falls? The less unfinished business we have when it is time for us to go, the less regret we shall suffer for lost opportunities and the more attentively we can prepare our departures.
(Love & Death, p. 90)

update (9/30 @ 8:57am)
The NYT has a solid obituary for Church, mentioning that his final book The Cathedral of the World: A Universalist Theology (Beacon Press) is due in November. Until then, we can savor this sentiment:

"Do what you can, want what you have, and be who you are."

I daresay that if all theists were as thoughtful as Church, there would be far less theist/ atheist tension.

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