who is Sarah Palin's ghostwriter?

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Unless she's been hiding a considerable fluency with the English language, this post on Sarah Palin's Facebook page simply cannot be her work. As noted by Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors, it has too many positive traits: coherent thoughts, complete sentences, and even--gasp!--footnotes!

If the same ghostwriter also writes her upcoming memoir, it might actually be a readable book. (That's readable, not believable!)

update (2:24pm):
The Cajun Boy writes at Gawker that "whoever composed this particular note is everything that Sarah Palin is not: thoughtful, patient, dedicated, thorough, and rational, traits that any casual, non-delusional observer of Sarah Palin would never, ever associate with her:"

So who's writing Sarah's Facebook notes? Hell, your guess is as good as mine. Meg Stapleton perhaps? Bill Kristol? An intern? The person ghostwriting her forthcoming book? Who knows! But whoever it is, their being enlisted to perform these services is obviously part of a diabolical plan to rehabilitate Palin's image as a staggering dipshit. However, they really should have eased into it, because it's just way too obvious that Sarah Palin did not write the note that was posted to her Facebook page tonight. Period.

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