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Jessica Bennett's Newsweek article "Only You. And You. And You." on polyamory (h/t: Polyamory in the News) observes that the burgeoning poly movement is "enough to make any monogamist's head spin. But the traditionalists had better get used to it." The polyamory community has chosen their name wisely: using polyamory instead of polysexuality puts the emphasis where it belongs--on love rather than on sex--although opponents will strive to misinterpret even that.

The article is very even-handed for a mainstream media outlet, and its conclusion will likely prompt cries of anguish throughout family-values land:

...perhaps the practice [of polyamory] is more natural than we think: a response to the challenges of monogamous relationships, whose shortcomings--in a culture where divorce has become a commonplace--are clear. Everyone in a relationship wrestles at some point with an eternal question: can one person really satisfy every need? Polyamorists think the answer is obvious--and that it's only a matter of time before the monogamous world sees there's more than one way to live and love.

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First the opponents will yell and scream and fear-monger, but the more people who get used to the idea, the more the opponents will become a fringe group and be seen as the bigots they are.

The exposure and increased understanding of polyamory is what's most important, and that seems to be improving recently :-)

You got that right! See my blog post at http://tinyurl.com/ltzsrz

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