more Mohammed cartoon cowardice

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"We do not negotiate with terrorists. We just accede to their anticipated demands." is how AAUP President Cary Nelson described the decision of Yale University Press to avoid the possibility of Muslim violence over illustrations of Mohammed in a forthcoming book on the subject by removing the illustrations. Nelson continued:

They [YUP] are not responding to protests against the book; they and a number of their consultants are anticipating them and making or recommending concessions beforehand.

In an action that parallels prior restraint on speech, Yale also refused to give the author access to consultants' reports unless she agreed in writing not to discuss their contents. Such reports typically have their authors' names removed, but a prohibition against discussing their content is, to say the least, both unusual and objectionable.

Christopher Hitchens noted at Slate that "there are people who argue that women who won't wear the veil have 'provoked' those who rape or disfigure them ... and now Yale has adopted that 'logic' as its own:"

The capitulation of Yale University Press to threats that hadn't even been made yet is the latest and perhaps the worst episode in the steady surrender to religious extremism--particularly Muslim religious extremism--that is spreading across our culture. [...]

What a cause of shame that the campus of Nathan Hale should have pre-emptively run up the white flag and then cringingly taken the blood guilt of potential assassins and tyrants upon itself.

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