Massachusetts marriages a half-decade later

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Taking his cue from this Chicago Tribune op-ed by Steve Chapman, Bruce Wilson observes at Talk to Action that "After 5 Years of Legal Gay Marriage, MA Still Has Lowest Divorce Rate in US." Five years ago, I took aim at the Chicken Little conservatives' fears about same-sex marriage, writing that "One small state taking one small step toward justice and equality is hardly the precursor to disaster that their sky-is-falling screeds imply:"

Let's look at what won't happen as a result of Massachusetts' same-sex marriages: The earth won't stop spinning on its axis, civilization won't disintegrate, our culture won't self-destruct, and Provincetown won't be destroyed in a biblical rain of fire and brimstone - much to the reactionaries' chagrin. What will happen is an improvement in the legal status of gay and lesbian families - and a good example for other states to follow.

Wilson does a great job assembling some of the more ridiculous pronouncements of anti-marriage conservatives. They called same-sex marriage an "assault on marriage and the American family" that has "destabilized the basic institution of our society" and "represents the destruction of the world." They claimed that advocates of marriage equality "want to destroy the institution of marriage" and predicted that it will "undermine the institutions of marriage and family" and lead to not only "an explosive increase in family collapse," but "will destroy marriage. It will destroy the Earth."

You can't get much more apocalyptic than that...or more inaccurate. Wilson wonders "The real question is this - how long will it take for the truth to diffuse, out into wider society? Or will it ever?"

I am sometimes dismayed at the pace of progress, but I am optimistic that change is coming.

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