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This Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll asked a question that is controversial in certain circles:

"Do you believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States of America or not?"

The demographics of the Birthers are not surprising: they are southern, (23% no/30% not sure) and Republican, (28% no/30% not sure), and/or over 60 (17% no/14% not sure). Washington Monthly's Steve Benen also noted the geographic disparity:

I was especially surprised by the regional breakdowns. In the Northeast, West, and Midwest, the overwhelming majorities realize the president is a native-born American. But notice the South -- only 47% got it right and 30% are unsure.

Outside the South, this madness is gaining very little traction, and remains a fringe conspiracy theory. Within the South, it's practically mainstream.

The Honolulu Advertiser reported on Tuesday that "Hawai'i's Health Department confirmed yesterday that it has President Obama's original Aug. 4, 1961, birth certificate in storage," but this will likely have no effect on the Birthers. Ron Chusid notes at Liberal Values:

It is doubtful that this will convince those who believe Obama is not an American citizen. Conspiracy theorists can always come up with a new argument since they are not bound by reality and they typically consider any source of contrary information to be part of the conspiracy.

Their minds are made up...

update (6/29/2010 @ 2:27pm):
Kos has uncovered statistical anomalies in the data provided by Research 2000 (see here and here) and writes "We were defrauded by Research 2000, and while we don't know if some or all of the data was fabricated or manipulated beyond recognition, we know we can't trust it."

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