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Ed Brayton looks at the poor track record for "Right-Wing Dystopic Predictions:"

While listening to the right wing throw a hissy fit while claiming that Obama is planning to send disabled kids and old people to the gas chambers in the name of healthcare efficiency and grind them up into soylent green, a question suddenly occurs to me: Has the right wing ever been right when they've predicted some dark dystopic future?

He lists a few fears that didn't come to pass--the despotic New Deal, the decades-long Communist conspiracy, the UN's new world order--but there are plenty more tunes in the Chicken Little conservative hit parade: Reagan's warning about the tyranny of Medicare, Clinton's tax increase that wrecked the economy, the annual "War on Xmas" that feeds Christians to the lions every December, ACORN's massive election fraud every two years, and our current paranoia over death panels and our slide into socialism.

Brayton has asked an intriguing question, but I don't think conservatives will like the answer.

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