birther bullshit for Barack's birthday

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Those uncommonly generous birthers decided to give President Obama a spectacular present for his birthday--another forged Kenyan birth certificate! (They really shouldn't have...)

Some earlier forgeries are online here, and David Weigel at Washington Independent explains some of the forgery indicators in the current document, shows its suspicious resemblance to an Australian birth certificate,
and looks at the possibility of the bogus document doing "real, irreversible damage" to the birther movement.

At About's Urban Legends, David Emery highlights the "two fatal flaws of the birther movement:"

one, their blatantly inconsistent and prejudicial standards of evidence -- i.e., they're perfectly willing to accept (and circulate) unsourced photographs of an unvetted document as "proof" of foreign birth, while dismissing out of hand a state-issued, state-validated U.S. birth certificate; and two, what the foregoing reveals about their true motives -- i.e, despite their protestations, they have no interest whatsoever in truth, accuracy, or "protecting" the U.S. Constitution, but are bent, rather, on delegitimizing Obama's presidency at any cost and by any means possible. [emphasis added]

I couldn't have said it better.

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Isn't it ironic that people so concerned with truth, the Constitution and justice would so blindly follow the words of G. Gordon Liddy?

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