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Washington Monthly's Steve Benen looks at some hero worship on the Right: a woman named Katy Abram who harangued Arlen Specter earlier this week with her fears about "the systematic dismantling of this country" and the US "turning into Russia." Abram stated that "the root of this frustration" is fear over increased taxation of her family's small business.

Abram, a talkshow tyro who was subsequently on Hardball (see this clip), was asked why universal health insurance was so frightening to her. When the Hardball host suggested that she should support the repeal of Medicare and Social Security as also being scary socialist programs, she waffled ("I hate to say yes or no") and stammered "There are programs in place that the Founders did not want to have here."

The host denied Abram's claim "a couple of years ago" she heard Obama say, "it may take 5 or 10 years, but we will move to a single-payer [system]," but Abram was correct. Check out PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Program) for a 2003 video of Obama addressing the AFL-CIO:

Benen notes that Abram, while not misinformed enough to be the second coming of Sarah Palin is being celebrated by the Right:

Katy Abram is a sympathetic figure who has become a "hero" to conservative lawmakers and television personalities, despite the fact that she doesn't really know much about public affairs, public policy, economics, or history. The right is extremely effective at misleading folks like Abram, which in turn helps shape public policy debates.

Mocking Katy Abram doesn't address the underlying problem -- if Americans agree with her, their side wins, and conditions for all of us in the United States get worse. It doesn't matter if someone thinks she's dumb; it matters a great deal whether her confusion holds the country back.

update (8/17 @ 1:54pm):
Priscilla at NewsHounds has some comments about Abram's "barely coherent, tearful and rambling litany" of right-wing talking points and her false claims of being a political neophyte.

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No public option, no reelection. I need to finish my degree and get out, teach overseas. I don't like the way things look if we swing any further to the right.

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