WTF is wrong with these people?

If we lived in a world where crazed conservative gun nuts weren't shooting up liberal churches and immigration centers, killing cops, assassinating doctors, and murdering Holocaust Museum security guards, shit like this (h/t: Chris at Cynical-C) might be marginally humorous:


Unfortunately, we don't live in that world...we live in this one. The latest "humorous" permit is similar to this old standard,


so I guess they're getting better at putting the same old hate in a shiny new package.

When will they stop?

I added the links to the Pittsburgh PA and Binghamton NY shootings after posting my first draft.

update 2 (6/12 @ 10:15am):
Steve Young wrote about this at HuffPo.

update 3 (6/13 @ 7:30am):
David Neiwert has what may be the first mention of the original permit, from June 2005.


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