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In light of Newt Gingrich's over-publicized comments on Pelosi, Eric Boehlert asks "Who Cares What Newt Gingrich Thinks?"

And I don't mean that in the partisan sense. I mean it in the journalistic sense: How do Gingrich's daily pronouncements about the fundamental dishonesty of Democrats (Newt's favorite phrase) translate into news? Why does the press, 10 years after Gingrich was forced out of office, still treat his every partisan utterance as a newsworthy occurrence? In other words, why does the press still treat him like he's speaker of the House?

Here's the answer he suggests for the "unprecedented...double standard the press has concocted for Gingrich:"

In the eyes of the Beltway press, if somebody within the GOP routinely stands up and says mean, nasty things about Democrats, and if that person at times uses shocking rhetoric to denounce Democrats, then that person, by definition, is important. That person is newsworthy. And that person must be taken seriously.

But this rule applies only to Republican name-callers. Anybody on the left who engages in those kinds of ad hominem attacks is dismissed as overly partisan and unserious by the press corps.

Speaking of unserious, here's the Rude Pundit's take on Gingrich:

Could someone, somewhere tell this tubby, hypocritical fucker to go the fuck away? Wait, no. Instead, please let him run for president in 2012.

I've been in favor of a Gingrich-led GOP ticket for a while now, I'm just not sure what we could call the 2012 possibilities...Gingrich and Gidget? Grinch and the GILF?

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