Sonia Sotomayor

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Alex Knapp at Heretical Ideas notes the Right's fixation on the race and gender of Obama's first Supreme Court nominee:

As of this writing, the current headline at the Drudge Report is "Obama Picks Latina." Not "Obama Picks 2nd Circuit Appellate Judge." Not "Obama picks Princeton Valedictorian." Not "Obama Nominates Supreme Court Justice."

Quick question -- had Obama picked a white, male nominee, do you think that Drudge's headline would have been "Obama Picks White Guy"?

Yeah, I didn't think so, either.

John Cole at Balloon Juice says that he "can really only base my judgments on her achievements as a person," and comes to a similar conclusion:

What I see is someone who was the top student pretty much everywhere she went, and who then went on and served for years as a judge, racking up years of service and accomplishment. She's done much more with her life than I probably ever will, and with a much harder path to success than I had. To then listen that she is somehow stupid or was just given what she earned because of her skin color just doesn't make any damned sense to me at all. A couple years ago I looked at Sam Alito and John Roberts and saw the same thing- really bright people who had accomplished a lot, worked hard, and made something exceptional of themselves.

Maybe that is what is the basis of so many of the attacks the past 36 hours...she had the audacity to [succeed] while having a vagina and an exotic last name.

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