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James Lewis rails against "The Great Liberal Pandemonium Machine" at American Thinker, writing that:

The Left rules by constant fear, but none of its predicted catastrophes come true. Ever notice that?

Uh, yeah...sure. Let's take a look at some of those predicted catastrophes:

Saddam (Axis of Evil) Hussein is the next Hitler, he's in cahoots with bin Laden to supply WMDs to terrorists, and the smoking gun will be a mushroom cloud; our president is a Kenyan-born radical Muslim/socialist/Marxist who is "taking cues from Lenin" and planning to socialize medicine and ration healthcare; ATF stormtroopers and government "gun grabbers" are censoring churches, silencing Christians, and banning Bibles as they set up FEMA labor camps overseen by UN black helicopters and led by the ZOG antichrist; amoral atheist scientists are planning animal-human hybrids and pining for man-on-dog marriages in order to destroy civilization as we know it; we'll never know the truth about any of these conspiracies because an updated "Fairness Doctrine" will silence conservative talk radio.

Ever notice those?

The conservative noise machine has been scaring voters into compliance for decades--since at least the evil-empire/Red-Dawn/cold-dead-fingers era. 9/11 was, one hopes, the last time that their scaremongering and bullying will work out to their advantage.

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