religion and torture

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Pew looked at the "Religious Dimensions of the Torture Debate," which CNN summarized by noting that "The more often Americans go to church, the more likely they are to support the torture of suspected terrorists." At The Atlantic, Chris Good adds up the numbers

A combined 54 percent of at-least-weekly church-goers say torture is either often or sometimes justifiable; for those who attend monthly or a few times a year, that figure is 51 percent; for those who do not attend, it is 42 percent.

and asks a few questions:

How could this be? What happened to forgiveness and the other cheek? The Lamb of God's teachings stop at the walls of Guantanamo?

Andrew Sullivan calls this study "terribly depressing news:"

So Christian devotion correlates with approval for absolute evil in America. And people wonder why atheism is gaining in this country. [...] remains a fact that white evangelicals are the most pro-torture of any grouping.

Not only is religion not necessary for morality, it appears--at least in this case--to be a hindrance.

update (5/6 @ 2:57pm):
This study has similar to a 2006 study that I mentioned here.

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