Pat Boone calls ACLU "America's Taliban"

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WingNutDaily has an...interesting...piece by a star in the Right's intellectual firmament--Pat Boone (he's right up there next to Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris). Called "The ACLU: America's Taliban," it's the best demonstration of fractal wrongness that I've read in quite a while--and I waste a fair amount of time reading the Right's fever-swamp missives. Boone purports to show a "stark comparison between the Taliban and the ACLU:"

Each seeks to disrupt the traditions and guidelines that identify and protect society - and to impose its own perverted will and ideology on a bewildered people.

Of course, reality shows the starkest possible contrast between the Taliban and the ACLU. If the ACLU operated in Afghanistan, they would oppose the Taliban's Islamic fundamentalist theocrats as vociferously as they oppose the Christianists here in the US--and for the same reasons. Any theist who is tempted to believe Boone's twaddle should learn what work the ACLU actually does to protect religious freedom in this country--and then act accordingly. Pat Boone's work for the Ministry of Truth may require him to declare the ACLU doubleplusungood, but the rest of us are under no such restriction.

Oh, and a big h/t to Ed Brayton, who, when Pat Boone asked

Do you, gentle reader, think I'm exaggerating?


No, I think you're a fucking idiot.

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