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At Box Turtle Bulletin, Jim Burroway shows how the Right is "Lying About The Hate Crime Bill:"

You can always tell when our opponents are really scared. Their lies become more ridiculous. Such is the case with the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 (also known as the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act). The proposed legislation expands the already existing federal hate crime law to include violent crimes based on the victim's actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and/or disability. The current law already covers actual or perceived race, ethnicity, color and religion.

James Dobson (of Focus on the Phallus) claims that the Hate Crimes Bill "contains no adequate safeguards to protect the preaching of God's word" and states:

Because the liberals in Congress would not define sexual orientation, we have to assume that protection under the law will be extended to the 30 sexual disorders identified as such by the American Psychiatric Association.

Burroway quotes the relevant federal and APA definitions of sexual orientation, and shows Dobson's dishonesty in his claim of the legislation's protection for "30 sexual disorders." Burroway also offers this observation:

Remember, Dobson holds a Ph.D. in psychology. He clearly knows that he's lying, and he has chosen to do so as a deliberate tactic. There's simply no other plausable explanation.

I would only add a rebuttal to Dobson's "adequate safeguards to protect the preaching of God's word" remark, which is also manifestly untrue. Dobson is free to preach his interpretation of his translation of his compilation of what he supposes to be his god's words--thanks to the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. Recognizing that fact would negate his Christianist persecution complex, so he sweeps it aside along with all those inconvenient facts. What will he lie about next?

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