Luntz's healthcare language

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Bernie Horn exposes the GOP's falsity-fest on healthcare, courtesy of their Orwellian pollster and wordsmith Frank Luntz. Luntz's secret "Language of Healthcare" memo was leaked, with such startling advice as

If the dynamic becomes "President Obama is on the side of reform and Republicans are against it," then the battle is lost...


If you make this debate about Republicans vs. Obama, you lose.

In the face of Obama's popularity--and the public's recognition of the need for healthcare reform--Luntz's best advice for the GOP is this:

Say no to a Washington takeover of healthcare and say yes to personalized patient-centered care.

and this

The idea that a doctor or a hospital would deny care that they need is what frightens them the most about a Washington takeover.

Of course, that's exactly what happens in the profit-driven healthcare system today: HMOs and insurance companies routinely deny care to fatten their profit margin. After all, they're not in the healthcare business--they're in the money-making business. Horn said much the same thing later in the article:

Progressive proposals guarantee grievance and appeal procedures in all types of health insurance, and protect all federal and state patients' rights. So we should not only defend our program from conservative misrepresentations, we should counterattack that our progressive health care proposals protect Americans from insurance company bureaucrats who currently make arbitrary decisions and improperly interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.

The infamous "Harry & Louise" ads helped to torpedo Clinton's proposed reforms in 1993, and I fully expect a similar campaign this time around. No doubt Luntz has much more up sleaze up his sleeve than calling reform "a Washington takeover."

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