if you have to work for it, it's not a gift

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Marlene Winell wrote at ExChristian.net that "Salvation is NOT a free gift," pointing out the obvious "fundamental contradiction in the evangelical message of salvation:"

...according to them, it is NOT Christ's atoning death that saves you, it is YOUR BELIEF in it. (otherwise everyone would be saved). Therefore, this is not a salvation by grace, it is another salvation by works, albeit cognitive work. You must DO several things - find out about and understand the atonement, accept that Jesus dies for your sins, feel guilt and express your sorrow for being responsible, ask forgiveness, and invite Jesus "into your heart" to rule for the rest of your life.

She then takes aim at theists' god-loves-you-so-much-that-he'll-torture-you-for-eternity problem, asking "isn't it pretty weird that the gift-giver is one and the same as the creator of the torment you get if you don't accept the gift?"

Talk about strings attached. Imagine if we gave each other gifts like that. I just had a birthday recently, and I'm glad ordinary humans have a better idea of giving.

Since we created the idea of eternal torment, though, clearly not every one of our ideas is a good one.

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