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Nathan Schneider's "Beyond Belief" at the Boston Globe (h/t: Nigel Warburton) observes that "some of the world's healthiest societies have the lowest levels of piety" and notes the work of Phil (Society without God) Zuckerman. Schneider writes that Zuckerman's book "offers a revealing portrait of irreligion in Denmark and Sweden, countries where paltry levels of church attendance coincide with economic prosperity, low crime, and abounding quality of life. These nations challenge the claim that piety is a prerequisite for a healthy society..." and notes a curious lack of interest from the often-secular scientific community:

Philosophical reflection about nonbelief has been common since Nietzsche declared the death of God more than a century ago, but scientific research on it has been rare. [...] "People who truly have no religion are not very well understood," says David Yamane of Wake Forest University, editor of the journal Sociology of Religion.

I have yet to read Zuckerman's book, but I did discuss one such cross-cultural study here. Studies of atheists are so rare that the only one with which I'm familiar is the one from this book by Hunsberger and Altemeyer, which I mentioned here.

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