empathy, emotionalism, and elephantine excrement

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Glenn Greenwald does some investigating into the Sotomayor situation, and notes that:

Because of her background, ethnicity and gender, hordes of people who know nothing about her and haven't bothered to examine what she's actually done as a judge instantaneously believe this caricature, while the media keeps repeating these accusations without, as usual, any critical scrutiny.

Greenwald continues, writing that "I have no doubt that there are legitimate grounds for criticizing Sotomayor,"

[b]ut the bile coming thus far from the Right (and Respectable Intellectual Center) is laughable, contrary to all the available evidence, and grounded in the most naked and destructive stereotypes (the little lady can't keep her emotions in check or her mouth shut; the Latina woman decides in favor of minorities at the expense of the oppressed white male). Before the media keeps repeating the screeching and inflammatory accusations from Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove, they might actually want to first see if there is evidence to support those accusations. That is what "reporting" allegedly is about.

For some solid reporting, let's turn to MediaMatters. They debunk the right-wing myths and falsehoods about Sotomayor: the "activist" and "legislating from the bench" shibboleths, the smears of racism and high reversal rates, and the carping about intellect and empathy--which the Right claims are either important or insignificant, depending on the needs of the moment. (What a surprise--hypocrisy about judicial appointments...who could have predicted that?)

When the cries of empathy and emotionalism are shot down, what remains is just...elephantine excrement.

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