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Fundie wingnut Timothy Birdnow wrote a long rant about atheists and the "vandalism" we allegedly commit against the First Amendment. My favorite part was his assertion that atheists are really religious--in fact, we worship a three-in-one god just like Trinitarian Christians:

Atheism is triune in nature in many ways; we have Universe the Father (Let there be light, and there was the Big Bang), Earth the Son (all life evolved from the mechanistic determinism of the Blind Watchmaker), and the Holy Spirit of Human intellect. As a result, atheism incorporates several beliefs into one system.

Atheism worships (they hate that word) the Cosmos, Evolution, and Reason. The Big Bang and Darwinian Evolution are the creation myths, and the Big Crunch the prophecied cataclysm.

For the record, atheists don't hate the word worship; we just don't see the reason why some people genuflect before things that they don't understand. The awe and wonder at the natural world that lead to curiosity and investigation are the reasons that we understand light, and the Big Bang, and evolution. If we just relied on the Bible, we'd still be living on a flat Earth under a fixed canopy of stars at the center of the universe.

I'm probably taking Birdnow too seriously, as PZ Myers indicates. Myers takes this passage from the close of Birdnow's rant

Atheism itself acts as a substitute for faith, but how can one ultimately find hope in a belief in nothing?

That is why our society is sliding down the long, greasy pole; too many believe in nothing. This is evident in every facet of our lives. All of society`s problems can ultimately be traced back to the severing of human reason from human passion, and that is the fruit of Western Civilization`s arrogant belief in himself, the material world, and his disbelief in the Divine. The looming triumph of Atheism is bringing forth the demons of the human abyss, as surely as did Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, or the other Atheists who ruled over their kingdoms for one hour. The bell is now tolling for we.

and replies:

As we all know, sliding down a long, greasy pole is the homophobe's worst nightmare, which is why they dwell on it so much. The poor man is deranged, so I'll just have to forgive him for his very typical, hateful attitude. Unfortunately, I have to despise him forever for "The bell is now tolling for we."

That's all the seriousness Birdnow's rant deserves.

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