Adam Smith's continued relevance

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Karen Horn's Standpoint article "Why Adam Smith Still Matters" (h/t: Arts & Letters Daily) discusses the continued relevance of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, as well as his earlier Theory of Moral Sentiments. We need to read more than Krugman and Keynes in order to understand economics, and reading Smith is necessary in order to effectively counter the Right's misrepresentations and oversimplifications of him.

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I can't imagine that McCain has read anything of the sort. Certainly not denying the [continued] impact of Smith, but yeah, how incredibly lame. That was a horrid answer, but so very indicative of how out of touch he truly is. It was obviously a coached response. But the kicker for me is how dated the text is in that the global context has changed entirely since the publication of that book. He couldn't even cite Friedman? He would have been more credible mangling a Greenspan quote. Totally risible, totally expected and for anyone with their eyes open, a complete giveaway as to how distant the political puppets on the Right are.

I suppose we should expect more pizza parties and tax cut talks. Heh.

Been a long time, but hello Cog! I agree...this reminds me of the time McCain brought up Adam Smith in pre-election; when he said he was reading "Wealth of Nations." What a hoot! Is free-trade still relevant? Absolutely. But (R's) don't know what the Hell that means anymore.

Glad to be back.


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