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Rush cited this John Adams quote on Tuesday:


and then went off on this tangent:

It's an interesting prophecy he had essentially here because the very people trying to undermine the Constitution because it's an obstacle to them are the very people that we put in power lately over the years, both at the state level, in some places the city level, and in some instances at the United States government level, the federal level, the Constitution is under assault by people who come find it restrictive and unpalatable. This is one of the great battles in which we find ourselves today. [emphases added]

Adams was not prophesying; he was stating an opinion (and a mistaken one at that) about the adequacy of the Constitution. With the Constitution's "no religious test" clause and the First Amendment's anti-establishment clause, the other Founders demonstrated that they knew otherwise. Adams recognizes that morality and religion are two separate entities, yet he fails to see that the second one is superfluous in addition to being supernatural.

Rush's comment about "the very people trying to undermine the Constitution" is curious because, although he presumably means liberals, he provides no examples. The only undermining of the Constitution I've seen lately has involved conservatives: faith-based initiatives, the Patriot Act, waging preemptive wars of questionable legality, torturing and murdering captives under extra-legal circumstances, warrantless wiretapping, and unprecedented efforts at secrecy to hide who knows how many other high crimes.

Limbaugh doth project too much, methinks.

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