I spoke too soon

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Since my previous post about rebutting right-wing emails, I've found some great examples--see here for one of them--but they always seem to be one-off responses. There are plenty of fact-based debunking sites (such as FactCheck, FAIR, MediaMatters, and ThinkProgress) but are there any that repay snark with snark on a consistent, ongoing basis?

I found a "Little Red Hen" rebuttal here, but it didn't have quite the flavor I wanted. This one was good but too long-winded. This one and this one are both spot-on, and the kind of work that I'll be using as inspiration.

I'm thinking of writing responses along the lines of the stories in James Finn Garner's "Politically Correct" books, but with more actual correctness. (Conservatives seem to have trouble being both factual and funny, but liberals seem to be doing a better job.)

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The problem with libby humor is that the only the libbies find it funny. Maybe 1 in 15 jokes on the daily show will actually make me laugh. The facial expressions clowns like John Stewart and Glen Beck make always crack me up, though.

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