atheism's plight?

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Gary Habermas discusses "The Plight of the New Atheism" (h/t: John Loftus at Debunking Christianity) by way of criticizing "two representative volumes of the New Atheism:" Hitchens' God Is Not Great and Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation.

Habermas complains that "many of the New Atheist arguments are long on rhetoric and short on substantive arguments against religion," but I would counter that many theist arguments are short on substantive arguments for religion--which is a more significant problem, as they are the ones who need to make a stronger case. After all, if their arguments were better (meaning more convincing or better supported by evidence) then we atheists would be far fewer in number.

He also complains that "generally, these authors virtually never develop any of their arguments or push them to specific conclusions that might challenge religion:"

Never is an argument stated rigorously, or in a logical step-by-step manner. Rather, as we have noted throughout, they are content simply to rabble-rouse and leave their case to the non-specialists who will join them in unison, in what must sound to them as a joyful ranting.

As any beginning philosophy student knows, a syllogism is worthless when a premise is unsupported; this is exactly the problem with religious apologetics, which makes all manner of god-friendly assumptions en route to proving...nothing. How, then, is their joyfully noisy ranting--no matter how artfully structured--supposed to convert us when it rests on a foundation of sand?

I had expected better of a university professor, until I realized that he's from Falwell U.

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