Obama's first 100 hours

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[Note: I had this post queued up and ready to go yesterday afternoon, but never got around to proofreading it.]

Barely 4% of the way through his first 100 days in office, Obama has taken a number of positive steps toward restoring our nation's moral authority: he has banned some of Bush's worst abuses of power (torture, extraordinary rendition, and the use of "black sites"), suspended military trials and started shutting down the Guantanamo prison camp, stayed the Bush "midnight regulations" that were still pending, issued new lobbyist guidelines, stopped the Bushies from hiding presidential records, and begun movig toward our withdrawal from Iraq. (The full list of Obama's executive orders is here.) Additionally, Obama's first weekly address explains the actions he has proposed on the economic front.

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly observes that Obama has also rescinded the infamous global gag rule, and restored funding to the UN Population Fund. At Box Turtle Bulletin, Jim Burroway designed this LGBT scorecard based on the civil rights section of the new White House website:


He also offers some cautiously optimistic commentary:

I doubt there will be immediate action on any of these items. After all, I can see how a crashing economy and a war in Iraq might be something of a distraction, to say the least. With people losing their jobs, homes, and health care, there's a lot that needs to be done.

But I have to admit that I labor under the possibly mistaken impression that our elected representatives can walk and chew gum. They should be able to squeeze in a few of these promises in due course amongst the other things that need to be done.

On an even more comprehensive note, PolitiFact provides a list of 510 campaign promises along with reports on how many have been kept to date. Obama has a long way to go, but the amount of progress made so far is quite impressive. (I noticed today when perusing my RSS reader that ThinkProgress also saw fit to mark the "100 hours" occasion, noting eight specific areas where Obama has already made a clean break with the failures of Bushism.)

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