geteilte Freude ist doppelte Freude

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Variants on this have been circulating for years, but here is my updated version:

An old man walked up to the front gate of the White House on Wednesday morning, long after the inaugural crowds had left town. He asked the Marine guard on duty, "I'd like to see President Bush, please."

The Marine replied, "I'm sorry sir, but George Bush no longer resides in the White House. Barack Obama is our President now." The old man nodded and went away.

Thursday, the old man returned and again asked to see President Bush. The Marine reminded him, a little more curtly this time, that Bush is no longer President.

Yesterday morning the old man asked the same Marine once again if he could see President Bush. "Listen, old man," said the guard, "I've told you for three days running that Bush isn't President anymore! What is your problem?"

The old man replied, "Oh, there's no problem -- I just like hearing you say it."

The Marine smiled and said, "I'll see you tomorrow, sir!"

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