realignment? rejection? repudiation?

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David Neiwert called the 2008 election "The Great Repudiation," but I see it as a continuation of 2006's realignment, and less a complete repudiation of Bushism than a simple rejection of it.

At Appletree, gordo employs plenty of sarcasm to describe Obama's victory:

Americans were informed that Obama is determined to impose Sharia law in the US. We were told of his Afrocentrism and of his and his wife's hatred for whites. Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber warned us that Obama's a socialist. We were told that Obama would allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, and allow them to use those weapons to obliterate Israel. John McCain himself warned that Obama would surrender in Iraq.

And yet, Americans voted for Obama. In fact, we gave him a strong mandate, much stronger than the mandate Bush claimed in 2004, the one that the Republicans said justified a complete overhaul of social security and a major expansion of executive power.

I can only conclude that Obama's mandate is to impose socialism and Sharia, to promote the interests of blacks at the expense of whites, to allow Iran to nuke Israel, and to surrender to al Qaeda in Iraq. In fact, his mandate is so strong that it would be positively un-democratic and un-American to ask Obama to compromise as he pursues these goals.

So conservatives, get out of the way. You painted a fair picture of Obama, and Americans decided that's what they wanted. After all, words mean things, and elections have consequences

(I have to wonder: Since Obama is the Anti-Christ, was this election also a rejection of Christianity?)

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