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Prince's anti-gay-marriage comment has drawn a great deal of criticism--as well as a claim from an anonymous spokesperson that Prince was "misquoted"--but there has been no official repudiation from His Purpleness.

Until it's important enough for Prince to make a public clarification, I'm going to assume that Claire Hoffman and The New Yorker had it right. Another unnamed spokesperson--this time from The New Yorker--spoke to Wired to report that the magazine "stands by its story." In this "Behind the Scenes" piece, Hoffman provides a little more detail about the exchange:

In your interview, Prince said the following about gay marriage: "God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it whatever, and he just cleared it all out. He was like, 'Enough.'" Did you two have a more In-depth conversation about this?

I was a little surprised when he said it, because he has always seemed so unrestricted sexually.

We were having a larger conversation about his belief system and his politics. He told me he didn't have a horse in the November election and that he didn't believe in getting involved with these kind of earthly contests. I had asked him if the fact that Obama was black didn't compel him to get involved.

Andrew Winistorfer at Prefixmag sums it up this way:

So all this means one of two things: either Prince is against gay marriage, and doesn't want his fans to know about that, or he is for gay marriage, and regrets his quote. We probably won't ever know.

I responded:

Since so many Prince fans are now aware of the "sticking it" quote, Prince has a choice:

a). allow the quote to stand (in the public mind, anyway) as his opinion, or
b). make an official statement affirming, clarifying, or repudiating it.

(I'd like to hope that Prince's adoption of the JW religion hasn't poisoned his mind, but I've been overly optimistic before...)

I miss the artist who wasn't afraid to be, at the very least, sexually suggestive:


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