new and improved conservatism: now with even more whining power!

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Paul Waldman writes "Let the Conservative Whining Begin" at American Prospect:

Over the last eight years, many conservatives, particularly the radio and television hosts who enjoy such loud and lucrative megaphones, have been forced to navigate some difficult rhetorical waters. When your side controls the White House, the Congress (as it did until two years ago), the judiciary, and the business world, how do you argue that you're part of an oppressed group being held down by The Man? It isn't easy, but they did it nonetheless.

Conservatives spent the bulk of the last eight years blaming Clinton for everything; Obama is now shouldering the burden of their ire despite the fact that he hasn't been sworn in yet. The eight years in between? They're certainly not Republicans' fault!

Obama's decisive victory is, as Waldman points out, shifting the GOP's fear-mongering (Fairness Doctrine, stockpiling guns, etc.) into overdrive:

It's no coincidence that the uptick in bitching and moaning comes as Republicans have become isolated ideologically, demographically, and geographically. The last factor -- that the GOP is now largely a Southern party -- gives the complaints endless fuel. As the center of gravity within the Republican Party has moved south, it has embraced that variant of Southern culture built on nurturing your sense of grievance and perseverating on your defeats. [...] there a group of people anywhere in the world so obsessed with glorifying and celebrating a war they lost?

With their areas of control now limited to the judiciary, the media, and the business community, conservatives' whining will be somewhat less unjustified, but it will be even more insufferable.

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