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Move over, Trane...the Saint John Coltrane Church has some competition! This NPR report (h/t: Richard Dawkins) talks about a church in a converted Albuquerque gas station that celebrates with the music of Beethoven:

Felix Wurman isn't a rabbi, priest or preacher. He plays the cello. He didn't feel at home in church, because he's not religious. But he says he also felt that there was something missing in formal concert halls where he performs. [...]

"Really, the idea is to find spirituality through culture, through the cultural gifts that so many people have suffered for and created over so many generations," Wurman says. "There's so much information there that's useful." [...]

Wurman says he doesn't want the Church of Beethoven to grow into a megachurch, because that would destroy the intimacy that makes it meaningful. But he'd like the idea to get big, and spread, with churches of Bach, Schubert, Mahler and Bernstein sprouting up.

That's a wonderful idea, and I'd love to catch a service at the Church of Beethoven if I'm ever nearby.

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