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James (Focus on the Phallus) Dobson is upset over Kathleen Parker's suggestion that the GOP stop kowtowing to their theocratic wing, but Dobson misinterprets her piece to parade his well-developed persecution complex. He argues strenuously against several things that Parker never wrote, claiming that it is "necessary for Christians to stop letting our religious beliefs and values inform our political views and votes:

...getting rid of social conservatives and shelving the values they fight for is the solution to what ails the Republican Party...because there are people of many faiths in the United States, those of the Christian faith must not think or act like Christians when engaging the public square.

Steve Benen noted at Washington Monthly that:

I think he missed Parker's point. Her column didn't argue that Dobson and the religious right should be silenced, but rather, that the Republican Party would be wise to stop listening to them. [...] As far as I can tell, no one wants to infringe on Dobson's ability to promote his far-right, vaguely theocratic agenda. The point here is whether the Republican Party is going to take Dobson's radical demands seriously, and allow the religious right to dictate the party's policy agenda.

If the Christianist wing of the GOP nominates Sarah Palin in 2012, Dobson will be happy...but will ignorance and intransigence translate into electoral success?

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